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Hiking GPSThe hiking is a one of famous recreational outdoor activities. The hiking can be interpreted as walking in natural environment using the hiking trail. The existence of hiking trail usually was well known among the hikers such as the Appalachain Trail, Superior Hiking Trail and many more. But the real adventure in hiking actually is the exploration of nature itself. The exploration remote trails while watching the wildlife, nature and historic places will be the adventure that you will remember the rest of your life. Therefore, one of most important hiking equipment beside the hiking boot and complete backpack is a map and compass.

The hiking GPS is the digital version of maps and compass with the same objective, but different in methodology and how its work. But put in your mind, the hiking GPS is not an absolute replacement for maps and compass because as the pure hiker, the basic skill in traditional navigation method can contribute more understanding to the high tech modern navigation using hiking GPS.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hiking GPS in the market that produced by well-known GPS makers around the world such as GARMIN, Magellan and some other brand with different application and capabilities. Hence, to choose the most suitable hiking GPS, you should have the understanding how GPS works and what is the vital component of GPS? The component such the receiver is very important in every GPS gadget because the next component need some information collected by receiver to be located or estimates your location in their internal map. There are a lot of questions in your mind? Continue reading, how GPS works.


How Global Positioning System (GPS) works.

GPS Satellite GPS is short-form for Global Positioning System. This is usually a satellite radio navigation method established as a result of United States Defense Department secret cold war research. Study about the program started within the 60’s and then the initial GPS satellite seemed to be brought out in the late seventies. Getting this done took a time for these entire program to go online and as a final point on April 27, 1995 it established itself as completely active. Initially, the Global Positioning System networking only agreed to be for the purpose of armed forces operation however in the 80?s the United States military agreed upon the normal general public to utilize the application . At this time, the program is composed of the functionality of 24 orbiter that constantly orbiting our planet and is particularly utilized regarding any range of attributes such as Global Positioning Systems mapping, gps navigation, and tracking device. Together with the help of such silent satellites we are able to determine our position, the positioning of somebody else, or even the position of a region we desire to go. What is a lot more spectacular is most likely the size of it as well as compactness of these device.

Nowadays, There exist 24 satellites orbiting our planet in 6 specific orbital path. An individual satellite accomplishes two revolve all around planet earth every single day, moving at about a speed of 7,000 Miles Per Hour. At the particular part of their orbit these are typically over 12,000 miles over the earth. From that altitude, the satellite data are able to be gained over a massive area of the area on our planet. A Global Positioning System device functions by getting a number of satellite data and keeping track of the receiver’s alignment depending on trigonometry associated with the several different signals.

Global Positioning System satellites send minimal supply radio data that are only allowed to be acquired when your GPS device has a primary “line of sight” in the direction of satellite. The data transfers have the ability to penetrate such things as plastic, glass as well as clouds however is not solid substances like wall structures or stones. A GPS device functions by triangulating where you are based mostly upon the positioning for a minimum of three satellites inside your Global positioning system unit. It analyzes the time scale it requires to obtain a data from every one of the satellites in spectrum and compute your physical location based primarily upon the information.

In case you only lucky enough to get 3 satellite data, your GPS device can possibly report your own position in latitude together with a longitude. On the contrary, once the GPS device discover information from at minimum 4 satellites it are able to estimate your elevation. At present it will possibly report your own travel distance, distance to somewhat of a place, tour speed and in addition your elevation in the event your GPS recipient offers an elavation measuring instrument.

Hiking GPS Accuracy and Reliability.

How effective a Global Positioning System device is determined by being able to see and lock across a satellite’s signal. As perhaps you might assume, you can get what you only pay for and also a lot more really expensive Global Positioning System devices have proven to be more precise. One of the best public devices announce precision to in just 2 to 3 feet as the previous or cheaper devices might end up being off as much as 30-40 feet or even more. For which you decide to utilize your GPS recipient could pinpoint if it’s value dispense the additional cash for amplified accuracy. In the case when you’re benefits of the GPS device in flatter topography by having a good open look at the sky, a inexpensive device could work nearly not to mention the best of the line recipient.

Having said that, if you are planning utilization of your device in thick woods cover, while hiking around ravines or narrow valleys, or in the midst of skyscraper you will gain far better precision by having a more advanced hiking GPS device. The advanced hiking GPS normally was supplied with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the satellite service providing you with another redefine data within GPS device to assist you to raise its accuracy. WAAS was utilized extensively in GPS device when considering car consumer but now the put into practice of the particular software also was incorporate very well in Hiking GPS. The hiking GPS for example Garmin eTrex Venture HC can pinpoint their location as small as three or four feet.


Hiking GPS Maps

There are various methods to update the maps in hiking GPS. The most common method is connecting the device to the internet directly or connecting to the computer with internet connection, and the updating process will be done automatically. The up-to-date maps are really important for GPS to become always relevant, but for the hiking GPS, the maps could be update for every 4 to 6 month. This is because the trail and jungle is rarely change compared to the road at the city. Lastly, what is more important is, read the manual before updating your hiking GPS mops.

What are the important features to consider when selecting Hiking GPS?

When we talk about the features, the answer is will be straight to the question, what you need. However, I listed the several features that maybe will help you select the best hiking GPS for your Hiking activities.

  • Longest battery life- this is important, your hiking GPS will be useless without electrical power. It is also advisable to bring extra battery for emergency purpose.
  • Make sure the unit have tough body or highly resistance to any impact and also waterproof- Again, this is important, your hiking GPS will be useless if it can’t do anything while you in the hiking mood.
  • Buy the hiking GPS that come with maps- this will be easier to use in hiking when you want to see where you are relative to reference way-point and estimating the distance.
  • Make sure it has a large memory capacity- Therefore; you can store a lot of things such as maps, route and way-point.
  • The good receiver- you should select the hiking GPS that have at least 12 channel parallel receiver. This is good if you like to hiking in difficult terrain and tree cover. Besides that you also can improve the receiver capability with external amplified antenna.
  • The screen size- makes sure select the Hiking GPS that you can read.  You also should consider the “Trans Reflective Color Screen” that are really easy to read under bright sunlight.


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